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Because having an active arrest warrant out in your name in Escambia County FL can bring a great many legal difficulties, it is important to know how to look up and determine if you actually have an active warrant. However, before we show you how you can find out if you have an Escambia County FL arrest warrant in your name, there are a few things that you should first understand about Florida arrest warrant laws.

First, you should know that individual counties issue arrest warrants. This means that if you are the prime suspect in a crime committed in Escambia County, then a court within Escambia County will issue an arrest warrant for you. Despite being issued by Escambia County, all arrest warrants in Florida function on a statewide basis. What this means is that you can be arrested on an Escambia County warrant even in another county.

The second thing is that an arrest warrant doesnt mean an individual is guilty just that the state of Florida wants to bring that individual to trial.

There are two different ways to find out if you have an active Escambia County FL arrest warrant. The first is by simply contacting the Escambia County FL Sheriffs Office, either in person at 1700 West Leonard Street, in Penascola FL, or with a telephone at 850-436-9580. The second way is through the FDLEs Wanted Persons Search at However, this search function may not contain all active arrest warrants for Escambia County, so the first option may be the best.

The FDLE also provides a tool that can fetch the criminal background of persons in Florida at However, this can incur a small fee. Or you can use the above search form to instantly search through an online criminal records database.

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