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The arrest warrant process for Santa Rosa County, Florida, is straightforward and simple but can be confusing. This is mainly because an arrest warrant is not necessary for all circumstances to make an arrest. For example, during 2010, there were more than 7,500 arrests, but not all due to an arrest warrant. Police officers can arrest individuals who give them immediate probable cause that they suspect in a crime. For instance, a routine traffic stop can lead to a vehicle search, and if that search turns up narcotics or other contraband, the individual can be arrested without a warrant.

Arrest warrants are used so that police forces can arrest suspects that have been implicated in a crime, whether by a witness or through other evidence when police forces were not present to witness that crime. After appearing at the crime scene, police can gather evidence and then present it to a judge.

Provided that their evidence is strong, the judge can issue a Santa Rosa County arrest warrant, granting police 48 hours to arrest the suspect. This is according to the Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure, which you can read at$FILE/Criminal.pdf?OpenElement.

To search for Santa Rosa County arrest warrants, you can contact Santa Rosa County’s sheriff at 5755 East Milton Road, Milton, Florida. You can also view a list of Santa Rosa County’s fugitives on the sheriff’s website at Additional web resources exist for looking up arrest warrants, such as the FDLEs search, or you can click on the above search form to instantly search through an online criminal records database.

If you find that you have a warrant, you should contact a defense attorney immediately. Please note that all arrest warrants function across Florida and can be executed over county lines.


What information pertaining to Santa Rosa warrants and arrest records can you find over the phone? (2021-data)

  • To access a recent arrest report, use the phone number of the Santa Rosa County Jail- 850-983-1120.
  • To file a police report, call the non-emergency phone number of the Sheriff’s Office- 850-983-1190.
  • To request arrest records and information on active warrants, connect with the police at 850-983-1268.
  • To contact the detective who is handling your case, call the Investigation Division at 850-983-100 (Main Office), 850-981-2270 (Gulf Breeze), 850-981-2250 (Navarre), 850-981-2230 (Pace), 850-983-1244 (Milton), 981-2287(Jay)
  • To look for criminal case records and court dockets, connect with the Clerk of Court’s Office at 850-983-1820.


Crime Statistics for Santa Rosa County, Florida

Nearly 200 cases were shaved off of the annual crime average of Santa Rosa County between 2018 and 2019. While the local police received about 1750 complaints in 2018, through the 12 months of 2019, only about 1570 complaints were filed with the Sheriff’s Office. This included about 1300 property crimes and around 200 violent crimes.

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