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Regardless of where you are in Florida, the same arrest warrant laws apply. This is because the state of Florida itself mandates the way that all arrest warrants are created and executed. One of the implications of this statewide policy is that once issued, the target of an arrest warrant can be arrested in any county in Florida, and can even be pursued over county lines.

In order for a Manatee County FL arrest warrant to be created, law enforcement officials must appear in a court or before a judge in Manatee County and present their evidence, while sworn in, to the judge. Assuming that the judge believes there is enough evidence to justify an arrest warrant, they will sign it, which gives the police 48 hours to find and arrest the suspect. All arrest warrants must include the name of the suspect, an explanation of his alleged crimes, and also bear the signature of the judge.

If you would like to perform a Manatee County FL warrants search, then you have a few different options. The first is to get into contact, either in person or through the phone system, with the sheriff of Manatee County. You can find their offices at 600 US 31 Boulevard West #202, in Bradenton, FL 34205, and you can reach them by telephone at 941-747-3011. Please be aware that, if you appear in person and do in fact have an active arrest warrant for Manatee County, you may be arrested.

A second option is to utilize the Wanted Persons Search report at as provided by the Florida DLE. Or you can use the above search form to instantly search through an online criminal records database.

The total number of arrests in Manatee County during 2010 was 19,488, which was a decline of 6.2%. This, and other statistics resources for Manatee County, can be located at

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