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Few things can be as difficult and trying as discovering that you have an active arrest warrant, no matter where you live. However, one of the things that can potentially be a lot worse than knowing you have an active Suwanee County FL arrest warrant is being surprised by the police at your door when you didn’t even know you were a wanted man.

Because of this, it is essential to know how to find out if you, or even a friend or a family member, have an active arrest warrant out for them. There are several ways to do this. The first is to get into contact with the Suwanee County Sheriff. Their website, located at, has several features that will be useful to you in your warrant search process.

The first is the Most Wanted section at You may also find the Deadbeat Parents page interesting, which details those who wanted not to pay child support. This listing is at You can find the station itself at 200 South Ohio/MLK Avenue, in Live Oak, FL 32064.

It would help if you also considered consulting the Wanted Persons Search that Floridas DLE has provided This provides a statewide arrest warrant listing.

There is an additional statewide database designed for locating current prisoners in Florida at, or you can click on the above search form to instantly search through an online criminal records database.

Please be aware that if you have an arrest warrant, it is active across the entirety of the state, meaning you can still be apprehended even if you flee over a county line.


How do you get information on Suwannee County warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-update)

  • Connect with the local law enforcement agency if you want to file a non-emergency complaint- The dedicated phone number for this and general inquiries is- 386-364-3785
  • Access details on recent arrests  inmate records and other information pertaining to detainees by contacting the Suwannee County Jail at 386-362-2222
  • Learn more about requesting a criminal background check as well as arrest records and a warrant search by contacting the agency at 386-364-3443.
  • Get to know more about accessing criminal case records by calling the Clerk of the Trial Court at 386-362-0500.


Crime Statistics for Suwannee County, Florida

The growth of about 5% in the annual crime average led to a slightly higher incident rate of 580 cases in 2019, as opposed to the 550 filed in 2018. Although the property crime rate dipped from over 440 cases to around 420 incidents through the two-year interval, the violent crime rate increased from 112 cases to around 150 incidents in this period. 

FAQ on Suwanee County FL Warrants Search

There are multiple ways in which you can access information on Florida arrest warrants. The approach that you choose for your warrant search will largely depend on the type and amount of information you need; the agency that sought the warrant in the first place, as well as the individual against whom the arrest order was issued.

A warrant search through the FDLE: The Florida Department of Law Enforcement maintains a central repository of warrants issued in the state.  The database has information on more than 300,000 warrants issued against traffic violations and criminal offenses as well as bench warrants. Despite being a collaborative effort involving all criminal justice agencies across the state, not all warrants get included in this repository. For instance:

  • In felony cases, information on all incident related facts and even on warrants-issued is kept sealed for one year to prevent the misuse of this data by alleged suspects.
  • Also, some counties do not send in information pertaining to warrants issued against traffic offense and other violations which are considered too trivial to be reported.
  • Moreover, some older warrants are yet to be included in the system, (those that go back to 30 plus years).
  • Similarly, some law enforcement offices take a while to send details about the warrants sought by them and issued to them.

And, this brings us to another agency that should definitely be considered for a third party warrant search-


  1. A warrant check through the Sheriff’s Department: Many law enforcement offices in FL offer free criminal background checks. And, if that is the case in your county, the agency will have no problem entertaining and responding to your warrant c heck without charging you a fee.

That said, you should understand that Sheriffs’ Departments will only provide criminal records from `warrant lookup, they will only tell you about the arrest warrants issued in Suwanee.

They will not provide information on warrants that were issued in other counties, let alone in other states, although they do have access to this information. On the plus side, if the warrant inquiry was about a person you suspect, you can be sure that he will be arrested if there is an open warrant against him/her.


  1. Paid criminal history search from the FDLE: You will be charged $25 for this facility, but the advantage is that the information can be accessed online. Also, in addition to details on the outstanding warrants against your subject, you will get the complete criminal history of this person.

This is, again, is a name-based search, but you are allowed to provide additional information that will help you to get more pertinent and accurate results. In most cases, the search will throw up 5 possible matches and you can take your pick from this list. Once you make your decision, you will be asked to pay $25 through your debit or credit card. After the payment goes through, the results will reflect on your screen. The facility can be availed at

  1. Looking for information on outstanding warrants through the judiciary: The Clerk of Courts Office of every county is entrusted the task of maintaining judicial records. Because all warrants come from one or another court, details on arrest warrants are always available with the clerk’s office.

In Florida, almost all clerks’ offices maintain an online presence and provide the facility for a case search on their website. You can get the link to the Clerk of Court’s website of your county at Mostly, this service if offered free of charge. Also, you can visit the clerk’s office in person for your warrant inquiry. Once again, the majority of these offices have public service terminals in their lobby, and these can be used for a free case lookup.  

  1. Other state and federal agencies that have details on arrest warrants: Although many consider the FDLE repository the be all and end all warrant database, there are other repositories that also have much to offer, and hence should definitely be included in your warrant check process. Some of these are:

There is no online warrant search tool on the website of the Escambia County SO and even Pensacola PD does not offer this facility. In fact, the Sheriff’s Department of Escambia County states on its website that they will not entertain request for information on arrest warrants unless the person interested in the warrant check shows up in person. So, to get information on active warrants from the Sheriff’s Office, you can go to 1700 W Leonard St, Pensacola, FL 32501.

If you approach Pensacola PD, you get to talk to the Desk Sergeant, who will do a warrant lookup for you. To connect with this law enforcement agency, call on 850.435.1900. However, they will only tell you about the warrants issued in their jurisdiction. Fortunately, there are other ways to do a warrants search in Escambia County; you can learn about these here.

At this time, you cannot do a warrant search online through the website of the Sheriff’s Office of Pinellas County. So, if you are interested in details about active warrants issued by the local courts, you will have to call the Sheriff’s Department or visit the agency office in person:

  • You can reach the law enforcement agency on 727-582-6192.
  • You can visit them at 10750 Ulmerton Road, Largo, FL 33778.

Surely, you must have gathered that with both these options, you risk giving up information about yourself and getting yourself arrested if there is an open warrant against you. But fret not! There are other ways in which you can find information on warrants from Pinellas. You can read about all these options here.

By the end of 2010, 1,569 arrests were made in Suwanee County, FL, according to the statistics page

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