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When faced with the prospect of an active arrest warrant, it is critically important that you not only find out as quickly as possible whether or not you have a warrant but also understand the arrest warrant process in Marion County, FL.

In Marion County, FL, as with every other county in the state, all arrest warrants are considered to have authority and affect the state throughout the state. This means that even if you have fled to another county, police forces may still pursue and ultimately arrest you. For an arrest warrant to be created, law enforcement personnel must demonstrate compelling evidence that implicates a known individual in a crime. If the judge accepts this evidence, he will sign the arrest warrant and grant the police 48 hours to locate, subdue, and arrest the suspect.

It is important to note that an arrest warrant is never an indication of guilt, as the judicial system can only establish guilt through a plea deal or a trial.

Multiple ways exist in which you can look up the arrest warrant status of yourself or someone else. The first option is through the Marion County Sheriffs Office. This office even has a web search form designed to allow you to find out, which you can access at You can also consult the FDLEs Wanted Persons Search at, or you can use the above search form to search through an online criminal records database instantly.


How do you get information on Marion County warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-update)

  • To get information on arrests made recently, call the Marion County Jail at 352-351-8077
  • For seeking a first or third-party criminal background check, call the Records Division at 352-732-8181.
  • For all inquiries about judicial records, hearing dates and court dockets, call the Clerk of Court at 352-671-5610.
  • To report a crime (non-emergency only), use this dispatch phone number-352-732-9111.


Crime Statistics for Marion County, Florida

In 2018, the Sheriff’s Office of Marion County handled approximately 5225 complaints. However, the crime rate was brought down to about 5000 incidents in 2019. Of these cases, approximately 4000 were complaints against property crimes while 1000 were instances of violent crime.

In these crime categories, larceny thefts had the highest occurrence rate of almost 2600 incidents among all property crimes while aggravated assaults had the highest occurrence frequency of more than 720 incidents, in the violent crimes category.

During 2010, the population of Marion County fell by 1.3% to a total of 324,315 persons. During this same period, the total number of arrests also fell by 6.2%, to a total of 19,488 arrests made during 2010. You can find more stats for Marion County at

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