Frequently Asked Questions about florida arrests

In the State of Florida, driving when you have a license not in force is considered a second degree misdemeanor. The Punishment for this is maximum 60 days in prison or alternatively a fine of 500 dollars. It is up to the judge to decide whether to impose maximum punishment.
More than 20 grams is considered a commercial quantity and thus a felony. A judge can send a person to a 5 years prison term for holding a commercial quantity of cannabis and its by-products.
Generally speaking, a year and a half is not considered too long in legal terms, but that depends on the crime committed. If we take theft as an example, in Florida, the Statue of Limitation regarding theft is 2-4 years. One should bear in mind that factors such as the circumstances surrounding the crime and the value of the stolen items play an important role in the Statue of Limitation regarding thefts. It is highly advisable to contact a lawyer for bond and for more specific information.