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Broward County court dockets can be easy to find if you are willing to put in a bit of effort and know exactly what you are looking for. Let us start with the very first factor to consider when going on a hunt for judicial records. You need to know the type of case for which you seek details. For instance, you can access court documents that are linked to civil litigations as well as those that are connected to criminal matters.

Needless to say, criminal court dockets for Broward County, FL are harder to come by since this information is considered more sensitive than the dispositions of civil tribunals. Also, the type of information needed to conduct the case search will vary depending on the trial type. Typically, you will only have to offer the name of one of the warring parties for a civil case.

If you have a case number, this should also do to get information on a specific suit. Alternatively, you could try using the name of the attorney involved with the litigation. However, this will mean that you will find information on the cases fought by the lawyer and not on all the matters pending before that court that involve your subject. If the matter is subjudice, this would be a good way to find out about it.

When it comes to criminal cases, you will need to provide the defendant’s name and additional details about him/her to rule out the possibility of mistaken identity. Typically, they will ask you to furnish the date of birth and any aliases that the subject may be using or has used in the past. However, some agencies will also ask for the social security number. To find Broward County court dockets, you can get in touch with:

  • The circuit court: 201 SE 6th St, Ft Lauderdale, FL 33301
  • The clerk of court’s department: 115 S Andrews Ave, Rm 114, Fort, Lauderdale, FL 33301
  • Court administrations’ website: