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What are arrest records?

Arrest records are a record of all arrests that have been made against a particular individual in the state of Florida. These records can include a wide variety of different kinds of information depending on the nature of the arrest that was made. Often, images of the person that was arrested are included, as well as the specific reason the person was arrested, the crimes they are believed to have broken, and also the time and date when the arrest took place. For some arrests, there will even be images of the crime scene.

It is important to note that arrest records detail the arrest history of an individual, and not necessarily whether or not the person was convicted of that crime. If you’re looking for arrest records, you should also understand that the state of Florida can provide arrest records only for arrests made in the state of Florida, and arrests made in other states will not be detailed.

What are arrest warrants?

In the state of Florida, an arrest warrant is an authorization to police and law enforcement officials that allow them to seek out, pursue, and ultimately place into custody the individual named by the arrest warrant. Although an individual county always issues arrest warrants, they are issued through the authority of the state of Florida. An important implication of this is that arrest warrants are valid throughout the entire state of Florida, and individuals facing an arrest warrant can be arrested anywhere in Florida.

For an arrest warrant to be created, law enforcement officials must demonstrate probable cause that a specific individual has committed a specific crime to a judge in a Florida court. Provided that the evidence provided by law enforcement officials is deemed sufficient by the judge, they will authorize and sign the arrest warrant. In Florida, an affidavit must also be present with an arrest warrant, which provides proof that law enforcement officials have sworn under oath that the evidence they provided is factual and true to the best of their knowledge.

There are several different kinds warrants that are issued when different kinds of crimes have been committed. A bench warrant, for example, is issued when an individual failed to appear for a scheduled court appearance, and can compel an individual to appear in court. Alternatively, a felony warrant is issued when an individual is believed to have committed at least one felony, and unlike some kinds of warrants, a felony warrant is freely viewable by the public and never expire.

What are prison inmate record searches?

Once an individual has been incarcerated in Florida, a series of detailed records are kept about that person’s location, activities, and duration within the prison system. New records are created whenever an inmate is placed in prison again, or even if the terms of their sentence changes. The actual prison inmate records that can be accessed by the public generally include biographical information, details about when they arrived in prison and when they are anticipated to leave, and also information that details the crimes committed that caused them to be placed in prison. Usually, images of inmates can also be found, as well as information concerning the behavior of the prisoner while in prison.

Is access to arrest record and arrest warrant information restricted in Florida?

Access to arrest records and arrest warrants is not restricted in Florida, although finding them can be difficult for some counties. While the sheriff’s offices of some counties provide an online database of current arrest warrants, other counties do not.

However, all arrest records can be found online through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement by utilizing their Criminal History Information search page, which is located athttp://www.oppaga.state.fl.us/profiles/1062/. Please be aware that using this tool will cost $24.00 per search.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement also provides a search tool for finding all persons that are currently wanted throughout the state, and therefore have existing arrest warrants. This search tool is located at pas.fdle.state.fl.us/pas/restricted/PAS/person/WantedPersons.jsf.

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