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Regardless of what county in Florida you are in, the way that arrest warrants work is the same. Because arrest warrants are extensions of the state of Florida’s authority, this means that you can be arrested no matter where you are within the state, and fleeing to a different county won’t prevent that arrest form from being made.

An arrest warrant can be created when police collect evidence and identify a likely suspect after a crime and investigation. Once this is done, the police appear in court before a judge and demonstrate their proof. Provided that there is enough evidence to justify an arrest warrant meaning that it implicates the individual in question, he will sign and authorize an arrest warrant, which allows the police to arrest the suspect. A Monroe County FL arrest warrant is valid for 48 hours after being signed.

To inquire about pending arrest warrants’ status, you will want to pursue one of a few different options. The first is to contact the Sheriff of Monroe County, which can be done at 5525 College Road, in Key West FL 33040.

The Monroe County Sheriffs Office also provides a regularly updated listing of active arrest warrants within the county A list of recent arrests can also be found at

There are other options for finding active Monroe County arrest warrants, too, such as the Wanted Persons Search listings through the FDLE, which you can find at Or you can use the above search form to search instantly through an online criminal records database.


Is there any way to find information on Monroe County arrests, warrants and criminal history over the phone? (Current in 2021)

  • Information on recent arrests, inmate records, and details about inmate facilities and visitation can be accessed by calling the Main Detention Facility at (305) 293-7300, the Marathon Detention Center at (305) 289-2420, or the Plantation Key Detention Center at (305) 853-3266.
  • Requests for judicial records can be filed by calling the Clerk of Court at (305)292-3540.
  • Police records such as an arrest report, incident report, and crash report can be requested by calling the Central Records Division at (305)292-7050, Marathon Records Assistant at (305)289-2430, and Plantation Key Records Supervisor at (305)853-3211.
  • Details on active warrants can be sought by contacting the Warrants Supervisor at (305)293-7407.


Crime Statistics for Monroe County, Florida

As compared to the annual crime average of 2018, the figures of 2019 stood almost 15% lower with an incident rate of approximately 870 cases. Of these complaints, more than 680 were filed against property crimes. Violent crimes led to the filing of more than 180 cases, the majority of which were instances of aggravated assault at over 140 complaints.

Between 2009 and 2010, Monroe County’s population fell by 1.3% to 76,887, and the arrests dropped by 1.9% to a total of 6,672. You can find many more crime statistics on the FDLEs page at

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