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No matter where you are in Florida, the same arrest warrant laws apply. Although the most significant is that FL arrest warrants are executed, processed, and even found in remarkably similar ways, this has several significant consequences. Across the state, an arrest warrant serves as an extension of Florida’s authority to uphold its laws. Although all Florida arrest warrants are issued through individual counties, such as Alachua County, they are done with the state’s legal jurisdiction.

For an Alachua County FL arrest warrant to be issued, police officers must appear in a court within that county and present the evidence they have gathered against a particular suspect. If the presiding judge deems the evidence provided sufficiently, then they will sign and authorize the warrant. All arrest warrants in Florida must include the suspect’s name, the crimes they are wanted for, and the judge’s signature. After being signed, police forces of Alachua County, FL, have 48 hours to apprehend the suspect. You can read the full FL arrest warrant law at

The best way to look into Alachua County FL arrest warrants is through various pages at the Alachua County Sheriffs Office. You can view misdemeanor warrants, felony warrants, and featured warrants. You can also use the above search form to search through an online criminal records database instantly.

Because Florida arrest warrants function on a statewide basis, they can be executed over county lines meaning that fleeing to another county will not protect you from prosecution. We strongly advise contacting a defense attorney if you find you have an active Alachua County arrest warrant. You can also search parameters as mug shot search. for example, Gainesville mugshot for a searching mugshot in Gainesville, Alachua County

Home to 255,692 persons, Alachua County FL, had 20,768 arrests during 2010, which was a gain of 11.3% from the prior year. These statistics come courtesy of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and you can review these statistics at

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