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Conducting a Seminole County FL warrants search is a straightforward process, largely because many county sheriff offices not only provide arrest warrant information, but also because of the numerous different web resources that are provided. In this article, well take a look at how arrest warrants function, who can issue them, what to do if you find out that youve got one, and show you how to find out.

An arrest warrant can be issued by a court after police present evidence strong enough to indicate probable cause against a suspect in a crime. This must be done before a judge or a magistrate, and once signed, the police are able to locate and ultimately arrest the suspect and bring him into custody. However, just because the courts and police have established probable cause, the suspect is not necessarily guilty, and must be brought to trial to determine his legal status.

If you discover that there is a Seminole County arrest warrant out for you, then you should find a lawyer as quickly as possible and prepare to surrender yourself to the police.

You should start your arrest warrants search at the Sheriffs Office of Seminole County, at 100 Bush Boulevard in Sanford. Alternatively, you can call their office at 407-665-6600. Although the Seminole County Sheriffs Office website, located at, does not have an arrest warrant search form, it does have a current inmate listing which you can view at

A pair of services exist to help you find Seminole County arrest warrants, or even warrants for other counties. The first, a website from the FDLE, can be located at, or you can click on the above search form to instantly search through an online criminal records database.

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