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Are you trying to track down a Gulf County arrest warrant? Whether youre looking for yourself or on behalf of another person, a variety of different resources exist for finding arrest warrant information, Gulf County arrest records, and even statewide Florida criminal records.

In Florida, individual counties always issue arrest warrants. However, because this is done through Floridas statewide authority, arrest warrants are considered to be valid in every county in the state. What this means is that an individual fleeing an arrest warrant in one county can still be arrested in another county. Because of the tenuous position that those persons with arrest warrants find themselves in, it is often better to surrender to authorities than to attempt to evade arrest. However, one should always seek legal counsel before doing anything at all with an arrest warrant.

To look for Gulf County arrest warrants, you should first contact the Gulf County Sheriffs Office. You may do so either at their street address of 1000 Cecil G Costin Sr. Blvd. #B, in Port St. Joe, FL, or at their telephone number of 850-227-1115. You can find a list of Gulf Countys Most Wanted here, and a detailed list of their most recent arrest records here. You can also find a statewide wanted persons database at the FDLE website at

To search for Gulf County criminal history information, you can use another resource provided by the FDLE at This resource however can incur a small fee. Or you can use the above search form to instantly search through an online criminal records database.

Finally, the FDLE website also provides a great deal of criminal records statistics at their stats database page, and the entry for Gulf County can be located on this link.

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