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During the year 2010, there were 6,659 arrests made, which was a decline of nearly 5% from 2009. However, not all of these arrests were the result of an arrest warrant. Many of them were made after police witnessed a crime directly, and had sufficient cause to immediately arrest the suspect.

However, when a crime is committed and the police cannot respond quickly enough to see the suspects involvement, then they must collect evidence enough to develop probable cause against an individual. Once they believe they have met this burden of proof, they can then enter into a court and show their findings to a judge. Once this is done, an arrest warrant can be issued, which calls for the arrest of the suspect in St. Johns County, Florida. It is important to note that despite being filed in a specific county, arrest warrants in Florida are active statewide, and can be executed over county lines.

If you would like to perform an active warrants search for St. Johns County, Florida, then your first best bet is to contact the St. Johns County Sheriffs Office. The address of their headquarters is 155 N. Saint Johns St., St. Augustine, FL, and their telephone is 904-829-9438.

Alternatively, you can utilize a couple of online services to search for St. Johns County arrest warrants. The first of these is provided by the FDLE and can show you all of the wanted suspects in Florida, and you can access it at Or you can use the above search form to instantly search through an online criminal records database.

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