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In Florida, all arrest warrants fall under guidelines that have been established across the state. In this article, we will explain some of the more important details of these guidelines, show you how to discover whether or not you currently have a DeSoto County FL arrest warrant, tell you what to do if you do have an active Florida arrest warrant, and provide some additional resources for additional criminal background information.

An arrest warrant is an extension of the authority of the state of Florida to enforce its own laws to an individual county. An important detail of this authority exchange is that while DeSoto County can create its own arrest warrants, they are active across the state, meaning that suspects cannot flee to another county to evade arrest. In order for a Florida arrest warrant to be created for DeSoto County, police forces must give evidence to a judge within the county. Once done, that judge can authorize and sign a warrant, granting police 48 hours to find and arrest the suspect.

You should start your DeSoto County warrants search by contacting the DeSoto County Sheriffs Office. You can visit the main station of the county at 208 East Cypress St., in Arcadia FL 34266, or you can call their telephone line at 863-993-4700. You can see the most wanted persons of DeSoto County at Or you can use the above search form to instantly search through an online criminal records database.

The total population of DeSoto County Florida as of the closing of 2010 was 34,778, which was almost identical to the population of the county at the end of 2009. During this same period, total arrests dropped to 2,283 from 2,374, a decline of almost 4%.

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