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Collier County arrests can happen with or without warrants, depending on the crime in question. Typically, a person who is lodged in Collier County jail will be held there for 24 to 48 hours before he/she is produced before the magistrate.

Meanwhile, you will find information on Collier County arrests as soon as the initial processing has been completed. Only the judiciary can decide whether a person who has faced Collier arrest should continue to be held in detention or should be released on bail.

Hence, once the matter goes to the court for an initial/bail hearing, information on Collier County arrest gets into the judiciary database. So, if you are looking for Collier County arrest records, you can get in touch with one of these four state government agencies:

  • The Office of Collier County Sheriff.
  • The Collier County Clerk of the Court.
  • The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).
  • The Florida Department of Corrections.

In addition to these, you can often find information on Collier County Sheriff arrest through certain private publications. All of the agencies listed above can provide Collier County arrest reports. However, the kind and amount of information offered will vary from one government agency to another. So, continue reading to know about your options for accessing details on

  • Collier county arrests today.
  • Collier County police report
  • Collier County court records
  • Background check for FL
  • Arrests in Florida
  • Crime statistics for Collier County
  • And more

Accessing information on arrests- Florida Department of Corrections!

You cannot obtain information on Collier County Sheriff arrests from the DOC unless the FL arrest and eventual criminal trial have led to a conviction. Simply put, a Collier County arrest search conducted through the Department of Corrections will only get you the criminal records of those currently doing time in state prisons or on people who have recently been released.

For a name-based search of arrest records, you can use the DOC tool that offers the option to look up data on current and past convicts at

Although this facility cannot be used instead of formal background checks, you can get information on all criminal actions taken against an offender, which resulted in prison time.

How to do an arrest search – Collier County specific records!

If you want information on recent arrests, Collier County Sheriff’s Office can help you with the inquiry. They provide an online tool to access their arrest records. Collier County Sheriff’s Department offers access to this database as a courtesy to the community they serve.

So, in addition to learning about Collier County arrest today, you can also find details on inmates who are currently held in the county jail. For an online Collier county inmate search, go to

All you need is the first and last name of your subject to access the arrest record. Everyone can use this facility without the need for registration. Also, the county sheriff’s office does not charge you a fee for this service.

Moreover, you can also use the booking number for the inquiry. In addition to information on the charges against the arrested individual, you can also find mug shots through this tool.

It is also possible to access these Collier County public records about criminal matters by visiting the law enforcement agency in person. The Office of Collier County Sheriff is located at 3319 Tamiami Trail East, Naples, FL 34112

Want to know who is in jail? Collier County Clerk of Court’s Office can help!

This agency helps connect people and government offices by providing case records to the public. You get two options to launch a Collier County arrests search through this agency.

However, you need to understand that, unlike the County sheriff’s office, the clerk of court does not provide arrest-specific information. Furthermore, they do not provide a list of all detentions. The results of a search through this agency will get you case-specific data.

In other words, you will not have much luck with this agency if you want to access the most recent arrest list or need to know if a subject was arrested in the last 24 hours. Here is how you can avail of the services of this agency:

1. To find court records online, go to!/. You can use the case number or the subject’s name to access all criminal cases filed against this individual by Collier County, FL Sheriff.

In addition to this, it is also possible to find civil and property records through this service. The best part is that the agency does not charge you for this facility.

2. To access all the information discussed above in person, you can go to the office of the Clerk of Court. The contact information of this agency is:

3315 Tamiami Trail East, Ste. 102

Naples, FL 34112-5324

Collier County, Florida arrests search through the FDLE!

This is what can be termed as a proper background check. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement maintains information on all criminal matters handled by law enforcement agencies across the state. These offices that hold the original government text contribute to the database of records held by the FDLE.

For a fee, the FDLE will conduct a statewide arrest inquiry for you. However, the information you get will be different from what you can access through a Collier county FL Sheriff powered search.

As with the clerk’s office, this agency does not supply the arrest log for a specific period. Instead, they offer a complete criminal history report of a particular subject. The results will include details on all criminal cases in which the subject is/was the accused.

Apart from the charges, the criminal history report will have information on the verdict and correctional data. There are two ways in which you can obtain a criminal history report.

  • For instant access, go to
  • For certified and non-certified reports, go to

Both options will cost you $24 in search fees and $1 in credit card processing charges. It can take 5-7 days to receive certified/non-certified reports.


How do you get information on Collier County warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-update)

  • Connect with the local law enforcement agency if you want to file a non-emergency complaint- The dedicated phone number for this and general inquiries is-239-252-9300.
  • Initiate a warrant search by calling the Warrants Inquiry Office at 239-252-9655.
  • Ask about recent arrests by getting in touch with the Jail Administration at 239-252-9515.
  • Access inmate records and other information pertaining to detainees, by calling at 239-252-9500 or 239-657-2878 (Immokalee).
  • Get details on pretrial releases, by contacting the Sheriff’s Office at 239-252-9650.
  • Learn more about requesting a criminal background check as well as arrest records and a warrant search by contacting the Central Records Unit at 239-252-0637.
  • Inquire about the investigation of a crime in which you were victimized by contacting the General Crimes Bureau at 239-252-0066.
  • Get to know more about accessing criminal case records by calling the Clerk of the trial court at 239-252-2745.


Crime Statistics for Collier County, Florida

In 2019, approximately 4750 criminal complaints were filed with the Sheriff’s Office of Collier County. The minuscule downward movement in the rate of violent crimes, which went from 900 incidents in 2018 to 865 in the following year, was certainly not enough to balance the rise of almost 15% in property crimes. This crime category went from clocking 3760 complaints in 2018 to nearly 3900 complaints in 2019.

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