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Due to the way that Pasco County arrest warrants function, and indeed arrest warrants everywhere in the state of Florida, if you have an arrest warrant issued for you then you can be arrested anywhere in the state of Florida. This is because even though an arrest warrant is always issued by a specific county, it is done so by the state of Florida itself.

A Pasco County FL arrest warrant can be created after a crime has been committed, and police forces collect evidence that suggest a particular suspect was responsible. Once this evidence has been presented to a judge, that judge can then determine whether or not to issue the warrant. If he does, it grants police 48 hours in which to apprehend the suspect. You can find the full details of Florida arrest warrant procedures here:$FILE/Criminal.pdf?OpenElement.

If you would like to conduct a Pasco County warrant search, then you can do so several different ways. The first way is to simply get into contact with the Pasco County Sheriffs Office, and ask them. You may do so at their headquarters at 8700 Citizen Drive, in Port Richey, FL, or at 727-847-5878. Please be aware that appearing in person can lead to your arrest, so it may be best to first consult a defense attorney.

Alternatively, you can perform an online arrest warrant search at This database functions on a statewide basis. Or you can use the above search form to instantly search through an online criminal records database.

The total population of Pasco County in 2010 was 440,628, a very small growth from 2009s population of 439,786. Actual arrest counts also grew during the same period, from 22,995 to 23,565, a growth of 2.5%. More stats can be located here:

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