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If youre interested in performing a search for Sarasota County FL arrest warrants, then there are a series of different avenues that you can take. Some of these involve contacting the sheriff of Sarasota County, whereas others can be performed entirely through the web.

First, though, we should explain what an arrest warrant is, and how they function. A Sarasota County FL arrest warrants grants the authority to the police of Sarasota County, and all of those in the state of Florida, to arrest the suspect named by an arrest warrant. Having an active Sarasota County warrant does not necessarily mean that the suspect is guilty, but only that they are suspected of being guilty. Arrest warrants function statewide, and no matter what county a suspect is in, they can still be arrested for a Sarasota County arrest warrant.

These Sarasota County warrants can only be created after probable cause has been established that implicated a specific individual.

You will want to start an arrest warrant search for Sarasota County FL by visiting 2071 Ringling Blvd, Sarasota FL 34237, or at 941-861-4081. This particular office also has a web form which will allow you to search for locally active arrest warrants, located at You can search a statewide database of active arrest warrants at, or you can use the above search form to instantly search an online criminal records database.

For looking up individuals that are currently in jail, you will want to use this web form:

Between the years 2009 and 2010, the number of people residing in Sarasota County Florida grew by 1.1%, from 379,000 people to 383,000. During this same interval of time, the total number of arrests made fell by 1.3% to a total of 17,488.

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