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If you’re worried that there’s an arrest warrant in your name in Leon County, FL, it is equally important to understand what an arrest warrant is as knowing what to do with that information.

Arrest warrants in Leon County, as with every other county in Florida, are issued through the actual state’s authority. This has the significant implication of meaning that arrest warrants in one county are valid in every other county, so it is impossible to flee an arrest warrant by merely moving over county lines. For an arrest warrant to be created, the police of Leon County, FL, must appear in a court of law in front of a judge and present evidence that implicates the named individual. Once this process has been complete and the judge deems the evidence sufficient, he will issue an arrest warrant, thereby granting law enforcement officials of Leon County, FL, 48 hours to locate, subdue, and arrest the suspect.

Conducting a Leon County FL warrant search can be done in several different ways. The first option for most people is to contact the Leon County Sheriffs Office directly by visiting their main office at 2825 Municipal Way in Tallahassee, FL. A second option is to utilize the FDLEs database of wanted persons in Florida at http://pas.fdle.state.fl.us/pas/person/displayWantedPersonsSearch.a. Or you can use the above search form to search through an online criminal records database instantly.

If you discover that you have an active arrest warrant for Leon County, FL, we advise retaining a defense lawyer’s services. However, it is often best to turn yourself over to authorities, but you should always consult an attorney first.


How do you get information on Leon County warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-update)

  • Information on recent arrests is available at (850) 606-3500.
  • Requests for judicial records can be filed by calling the Clerk of Court at 850-606-4100.
  • Police records such as an arrest report, incident report, and crash report can be requested by calling the Records Department at (850) 606-3317.
  • Details on initiating an inquiry for active warrants can be sought by contacting the Warrant Division at (850) 606-3450.


Crime Statistics for Leon County, Florida

The Sheriff’s Office of Leon County received around 1770 complaints in 2019, which was a marked decrease from the 2018 annual crime average of almost 2300 complaints. Of the cases filed, around 1450 resulted from instances of property crimes. Violent crimes led to the filing of around 320 complaints. Around 260 of these cases were attributed to instances of aggravated assault.

The population of Leon County, FL in 2010 was 274,853, which was almost identical to its population in 2009. There were a total of 12,817 arrests made during 2010, a growth of 7.1%, according to the FDLEs stats page at http://www.fdle.state.fl.us/cms/FSAC/County-Profiles/leon.aspx.

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