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There are many different aspects to the way that Florida handles, executes, and processes arrest warrants. If you’re interested, you can find all of the details at, although we will explain the more critical information to you in the article below.

In Florida, arrest warrants operate with the full authority of the government of the state. This suggests that even though all arrest warrants are initially given out by individual counties, like Gadsden County, they are active across the state for crimes committed within their borders. This means that persons fleeing an arrest warrant in one county can still be arrested in another county in Florida.

To perform a Gadsden County FL warrants search, you will want to get into contact with the Gadsden County Sheriffs Office at 339 East Jefferson Street, in Quincy, or contact them via telephone at 850-875-8880. You can also visit their website at If you would prefer to search through a statewide database of Florida arrest warrants and wanted persons, you may perform one through the FDLE at

That same website also provides the functionality to search for arrest histories and Gadsden County criminal records at Please be aware that utilizing this service will incur a small fee.


Is there any way to find information on Gadsden County arrests, warrants and criminal history over the phone? (Current in 2021)

  • To report a crime (non-emergency only), use this dispatch phone number- 850-627-9233
  • For seeking a first or third-party criminal background check, call the agency at 850-875-8817.
  • To get information on arrests made recently and about an inmate currently lodged in the County Jail, call 850-875-8844.
  • To look for criminal case records and court dockets, connect with the Clerk of Court’s Office at 850-875-8601.


Crime Statistics for Gadsden County, Florida

In terms of the actual reduction in the number of criminal complaints received between 2018 and 2019, there was a dip of a mere 10 incidents. The unimpressive drop was a result of the reduction in violent crimes being overshadowed by the increase in property crimes.

While the violent crime rate plunged by almost 30% to go from 105 incidents to 77 complaints, the property crime rate followed an upward trajectory, going from 247 incidents in 2018 to 264 complaints in 2019. 

The FDLE also provides a host of statistics related to crime within Gadsden County and across the entire state. The total number of arrests in Gadsden County during 2010 was 2,056, a growth of 29% from 2009, for example, and the violent rate was 944.4, which was 8.9% from the prior year. You can find a statistical overview of crime in Gadsden County at and a much more detailed report of 2010 at

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