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The first thing that you need to know about arrest warrants in Bradford County, FL, is that they function in the same way as to arrest warrants in every other county in Florida. As outlined by the Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure (which can be found and read at, all Bradford County arrest warrants must include several different things and be created in the same way.

First, the peace officers must present probable cause to a judge in a Bradford County FL courthouse. If the judge accepts that enough evidence is provided for probable cause, they will authorize and ultimately sign an arrest warrant. Bradford County FL arrest warrants authorize Bradford County FL’s police forces to seek out and arrest the individual named by the warrant. For the warrant to be considered valid, it must include the suspect’s name, the crimes that they committed, and bear the authorizing judge’s signature or magistrate.

The best way to find out if you have an active arrest warrant in Bradford County, FL, is to contact the Bradford County, FL Sheriffs Office, either in person at 945-B North Temple Ave Starke, FL 32091, or by phone at 904-966-2276. Please be aware that appearing in person may lead to your arrest, and we strongly advise that you contact and retain a defense attorney before proceeding. You can view a listing of Bradford County’s Most Wanted persons at

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