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Either the police or the FL Department of Corrections will respond to Escambia County inmate searches, depending on the type of information sought. There is a fundamental difference in the type of results that are ordered in response to an inmate lookup, which stems from the fact that these agencies are in charge of varying detention centers.

The local sheriff’s office holds the responsibility for local jails. These are detention centers that serve as midway holding facilities. So, a person who has committed a serious crime and hence was not given bail can be found in the local jail. Similarly, drug abusers who are waiting to be sent to a rehab facility can also be found in these facilities along with offenders who were found guilty of commissioning petty criminal acts for which they have been punished with less than one year of jail time.

The sheriff’s office offers Escambia County inmate finder facilities for such suspects and convicts. The Department of Corrections of FL will not know about these prisoners unless they are convicted and sent to the state correctional system. Unfortunately, you cannot get an Escambia County jail inmate search done online. For this, you will have to go about the process the old school way.

The police department can be contacted at their office which can be found on 2251 North Palafax St, Pensacola, Fl 32501. You can also call them on 850.595.3100. The detention centers run by the Florida DOC will only have those criminals who are facing more than one year of incarceration. To find out more about such convicts you can do an Escambia County prison inmate search through online or offline methods.

For the former, try out the website of the agency at This is an advanced inmate locator tool that can be used to scour the DOC database by using just the name of the subject or other search criteria including offense category and the county of commitment.