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Launching an inmate search in Paso County could not be easier. What with your options including the sheriff’s office and the FL Department of Corrections, you will certainly not want for inmate finder facilities. Yet, the one place where people go wrong when conducting inmate lookups is when they walk in to the inquiry under the assumption that they are getting the same information from the police and the DOC.

Yes both agencies are in charge of correctional facilities. However, the DOC exercises control over all state level detention centers where convicts who are serving sentences of 13 months and more are sent. There are several such penitentiaries across the state of Florida. Apart from this, the department also runs several halfway houses and rehabilitation centers for offenders.

Information on all the inmates who are currently housed in this network of facilities and also those who have now been released can be found through a prison inmate search. The inmate finder tool at can be used for inquiries that pertain to prisoners committed in any part of the state. In fact, they give you the ability to sort out the results based on the county in which the accused was tried and found guilty.

The Florida DOC can also be contacted through a personal visit, but for this, you will need to drive down to the capital. The head office of the agency is located at 2601Blair Stone Road, Tallahassee, Florida 32399. Now, let us talk about the local correctional centers. These are under the control of the sheriff’s office. So, to find a prisoner in these facilities, you will have to go for Pasco County jail inmate search.

Like the Department of Corrections, the local police also offer a range of options for such inquiries. You could use their online inmate locator which can be found at The webpage has a complete list of recent bookings as well as offenders who are currently lodged in the detention center. To avail this information, you can also call on the law enforcement agency at 20101 Central Blvd, Land O’Lakes, FL 34637.