New Laws in Florida

Last Monday some 150 new laws were signed by the governor and became effective in Florida. Among these, the most important laws are connected to the use of drones by law enforcing agencies and to the death penalty.
Police officers will not be allowed to use drones freely for gathering evidence in crime investigations. The use of drones will be allowed without restriction only in life threatening situations, an imminent terrorist threat and child kidnapping investigations. Police authorities will have to acquire a warrant for any other uses.
As to the issue of the death penalty, according to the Timely Justice Act of 2013, a fixed schedule for appeals and other motions will be set.
This bill has been the subject of much criticism as opponents to the death penalty claim that the governor is attempting to speed up executions. In response to these allegations, the governor’s office has stated that the aim of the bill is to put the long and tedious process of appeal that follows any death sentence in Florida in order.