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The best and easiest way to get details about warrants and arrests in Miami, Florida!

When it comes to data on warrants and Miami arrests, local law enforcement and the judiciary are exceptionally generous. Short of putting up the police blotter online, they provide just about every bit of information pertaining to crimes and criminals.

In fact, this is one of the few places in which you can launch an area-wise warrant check and arrest inquiry as well as a subject specific warrant search or arrest report lookup. The best part is that these arrest records can be accessed at the click of button without stepping outside your home. Continue reading to know how you can compile an arrest report without ever leaving your home…

What information can you expect from the police about recent arrests in Miami?

For arrests records, you can approach the Miami City Police Department or the Sheriff’s Office of Miami-Dade County. How you get the information and how much of it is made available to you will depend on the agency you contact. For instance:

  • If you want the arrest report of a particular person or are interested in details pertaining to a particular criminal case, you can file an online request for arrest records at You can also visit Miami PD at 400 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami, Florida 33128 to file the request in person.
  • The County Sheriff’s Office allows you access to the arrest log for the area because all arrested individuals are held in a facility under the jurisdiction of Miami-Dade SD. They offer a nifty online tool for arrest search at

What agencies offer the facility for a warrants search in Miami?

Once again, when it comes to arrest warrants, two agencies can be approached for details on these. As with arrest records, the information you get will differ from one agency to another. For example:

  1. You can use the warrant check tool at Because this access to the warrant database is provided by the Miami-Dade County Sheriff’s Office, the tool provides data on all outstanding warrants issued by the County Courts. This is a simple name-linked warrant lookup facility that will get you information on bench warrants and active warrants.
  2. You can also use the case lookup feature offered by the Clerk of Court’s Office at This tool will get you more elaborate information because it gets you details not only about outstanding warrants but also about all criminal actions involving the subject. So, whether a case is at a stage where a warrant is issued against the subject or it has already reached the point of sentencing, you will find out about it through this app.

Crime stats for Miami, FL

Over 90% of the cities in America are safer than Miami, Florida when it comes to both violent and property crime rates. On average, a massive 20,000 criminal complaints are filed with the local police each year. This works out to a crime rate per 1000 resident of 6.37 for violent crimes and 36 for property crimes.

Thefts account for the largest number of property crimes, with an estimated 13,000 complaints attributed to this crime category. As far as violent crimes go, assaults are on the top of the list with approximately 2000 complaints per annum.