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The Miami-Dade County clerk of court’s office is a division of the local judiciary that performs a very specific function in the legal makeup of the area. This department is responsible for handling the court dockets and all the tasks related and incidental to these judicial records. From assimilation through to maintenance and dissemination, the county clerk’s office handles all of these functions.

There are three ways in which an applicant interested in a case search can petition the judiciary for court documents from Miami-Dade County, FL. One option is to write to the judiciary. You can get in touch with the clerk of court’s office or a tribunal. In both cases, you will have to send in the request form and wait for a few days to receive a response from them.

If you are up for visiting a judicial office; you can go to the local courthouse or the county clerk’s office. If you visit a tribunal, you will have to file your request for Miami-Dade County case search with a deputy from the administrative division. They will then run the name of your subject through the judicial records database that they hold.

A similar approach can also be taken when you head down to the office of the clerk of court. However, this agency also offers an alternative to go through the Miami-Dade County court dockets repository held by them. They have put up public service terminals at their office. This means that as long as you have some form of government issued identification along, you can conduct the case search on your own.

Finally, it is also possible to look for details on Miami-Dade County court documents online. For this, you can try the web portal at You will notice that the website has the provision for accessing civil as well as criminal judicial records. If you want to visit or write to a tribunal in the area or the clerk of court’s department, use the details given below:

  • The County Clerk’s office: 1351 NW 12th Street, Miami,¬†Florida 33125
  • The courthouse: 73 W Flagler St, Miami, FL 33130