Is The Florida Senate jeopardizing the lives of collegiate students?

In a shocking development, the Republican legislature of Florida has refused to rescind a law that allows people with concealed weapons permits to carry ammunition right into the college campuses of the 12 state universities. A move that was greeted with much dismay, several individuals including college students, faculty members and campus security officers clearly expressed their overwhelming opposition to the bill.

By keeping the controversial law alive, Florida is in the list of just 8 states that allows individuals to carry guns on college campuses. When trying to defend their stand on the matter, 2 members of the Republican committee and the Criminal Justice Chairman said that the law had to stay in effect to guarantee the safety of female students from sexual assault on campus.

A fourth member of the committee, Sen. Audrey Gibson made her dissent evident when she said that the universities of Florida did not need mini militias to guarantee the safety of the students. In the debate held on Monday, there was also some murmur about lowering the legal age at which people could apply for a weapon permit. A professor of psychology seemed to have the only voice of sanity through the heated debate when she said that campus shootings are rare and there is absolutely no proof which suggests that armed students would bring down the risk of such tragedies.