Florida Home to 11 of 100 Most Dangerous U.S. Cities

According to a 2014 list on Neighborhoodscout.com, Florida not only has cities in 100 of the most dangerous in the U.S. but also is home to 11 of those cities – more than any of the other states on the list.

Florida comes up close behind California, Texas, and New York in number of top 100 dangerous cities.

The list comes from 2014 data reported to law enforcement agencies (a total of 17,000) in the U.S. on the amount of violent local crimes and each city’s population, the site explains. Collecting the data this way gives an accurate depiction of the true number of crimes occurring in each of the cities, rather than basing the information on one agency. The data is based on cities with a population of 25,000 or more and the amount of violent crimes committed for every 1,000 residents.

Florida’s most dangerous cities in the top 100 and their rank in the list are:

  • Lauderdale Lakes (90th)
  • Pompano Beach (83rd)
  • Miami Beach (82nd)
  • Orlando (81st)
  • Fort Pierce (64th)
  • Daytona Beach (62nd)
  • Miami (58th)
  • Fort Myers (57th)
  • Lake Worth (42nd)
  • Riviera Beach (37th)
  • Homestead (18th)