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The Tampa Police Department is the local law enforcement agency for the city of Tampa, Florida. Headquartered at Franklin Street in downtown Tampa, it employs over a thousand sworn officers and more than three hundred and fifty civilian and support staff personnel. According to their website at tampagov.net/dept_police/, the mission statement of the TPD is
” to Reduce Crime and Enhance the Quality of Life¬†Through a Cooperative Partnership with all Citizens.”

The TPD is organized into four main sections, all overseen by the Chief of Police. They are the Criminal Investigations Division, the Patrol Services Division, the Special Operations Division, and the Administration Division. The Criminal Investigations Division is made up of the Major Crimes Bureau, the Strategic Investigations Bureau, and the Communications Bureau. The Major Crimes Bureau is responsible for investigating Homicides, Sex Crimes, Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, and Hit and Runs and also performs forensic investigations, the apprehension of fugitives, and the administration of the department’s grant funds. The Strategic Investigations Bureau is responsible for narcotics investigations and enforcement, gang investigations and enforcement, undercover operations, and firearm investigations. The Communications Bureau handles the reception and recording of calls made to police services as well as dispatching officers and services as needed. Patrol Services fields uniformed officers to respond to calls, perform preventative patrol functions, and to apprehend and arrest criminals, as well as utilizing plains clothes officers in the District Latent Investigations unit to perform latent investigations of property crimes and assaults. Special Operations is a conglomeration of specialized units that handle such tasks as traffic enforcement, street level narcotics investigations, special event planning and crowd control, and search and recovery operations. Administration handles such things as personnel, training, and identification and records.

Geographically, the Tampa Police Department divides the city of Tampa, Florida into three main districts. District One maintains twelve uniformed squads and covers the Davis Islands, the west side, and Tampa’s peninsula. District Two maintains fourteen uniformed squads and covers northern Tampa, including Busch Gardens, as well as the area commonly referred to as “New Tampa”, comprised of the Tampa Plains and the Hunters Green area. District Three maintains twelve uniformed squads and covers Downtown Tampa, the Port of Tampa, East Tampa, and the Ybor City Area.

The city of Tampa, Florida has an estimated population of 305,758 residents and experiences an average of 12,712 crimes per annum. Violent crimes make up around 17 percent of these crimes with murders at 23 (0.07 per 1000 residents), rapes at 47 (0.13 per 1000 residents), robberies at 574 (1.64 per 1000 residents), and assaults at 1,540 (.39 per 1000 residents) for a grand total of 2,184 violent crimes per annum (6.23 per 1000 residents). Property crimes make up the other 83 percent of these crimes with burglaries at 2,535 (7.23 per 1000 residents), thefts at 7,354 (20.97 per 1000 residents), and motor vehicle thefts at 639 (1.82 per 1000 residents) for a grand total of 10,528 property crimes per annum (30.02 per 1000 residents).

The TPD offers traffic accident reports that were filed more than 60 days ago online at apps.tampagov.net/www_webapp/default.aspx?page_id=13. Reports older than January 1st, 2007 are held and maintained elsewhere and can be obtained by calling the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles at (850) 617-3416. Reports newer than 60 days must be requested in person at 411 North Franklin Street.

Arrest records may be obtained by visiting http://webapps.hcso.tampa.fl.us/ArrestInquiry. There, you may search ether by booking number, or by entering information into fields for name (last, first), race, booking date, sex, release date, and date of birth. This search allows for both searching past arrest records as well as limiting the search to current inmates of the city jail system only.

A record of current warrants is maintained and can be searched at http://webapps.hcso.tampa.fl.us/WarrantInquiry. There, warrants can be searched for by number, or by entering relevant information into provided fields for name (last, first), race, sex, and date of birth.