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People usually have two reasons to want to access Palm Beach County judicial records. They either need a background report or a crime history profile of a person they intend to associate with on the personal or professional level. Although there are scores of judicial uses for the information stored in the court dockets database, this article is devoted to accessing and using court records for civilian purposes.

What information can you get from Palm Beach County judicial records?

The repository of court dockets contains information recorded from all courts in the area, without exception. So, once you gain access to this database of judicial records, you will have details on criminal matters as well as civil cases. In fact, the information kept by the clerk of court’s department is extensive to say the least.

Everything important and noteworthy that happened during the trial will be included in the court documents. For instance, as far as criminal cases are concerned, court records are maintained for the issue of arrest warrants, the verdict and everything in between. Similarly, for civil litigations, you can find out about the reason for the dispute and how it was resolved.

Details that you should start with to initiate a case search in Palm Beach County, F

To conduct an inquiry pertaining to court documents, you will need to start with basic information about the legal matter. For example, it would be a good idea to find out the name of the plaintiff or the defendant, the name of the attorney, case number and the court in which the matter was fought out. For criminal cases, you will also be asked to provide the birth date of the defendant.

Where can you go to access court documents in Palm Beach County?

  • Online inquiries:
  • Offline inquiries: PO Box 4177, West Palm Beach, FL 33402 or 205 N Dixie Hwy, 3rd Fl, Rm 3.24, West Palm Beach, FL 33401