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A Hillsborough County case search can be launched to find information on civil as well as criminal matters. Court dockets are kept for all types of trials, including litigations that are handled by civil tribunals. So, just like you can find court documents that are linked to different criminal trials such as felonies, misdemeanors and petty infractions, you can also find information on various civil cases.

Typically, applicants will be given access to Hillsborough county judicial records concerning divorce, probate, commercial, insurance, civic ordinance violation and adoption related litigations. Unless the court documents pertaining to a specific case have been sealed or the matter at the heart of the case involved a juvenile criminal, it will be possible to find information on the case.

The Hillsborough County clerk of court’s division comes highly recommended for a case search and there is good reason for this. Unlike the police and the tribunals which will only keep certain court dockets, the county clerk’s office maintains a repository of all judicial records from the area. This means that this particular branch of the judiciary has information from all the tribunals operating in the county.

For the dissemination of this data, three options have been provided. Applicants can get in touch with the agency by going down to their office in person at 800 E Twiggs, 1st Fl, Tampa, FL 33602. Once there, you can ask a representative of the county clerk to launch the case search for Hillsborough County, FL or you could scour the database of court dockets on your own. This repository has been linked to the public service terminals.

Of course, you could also write to the agency at the address above. Alternatively, you can use the internet to find the Hillsborough County court documents that you are looking for. To do so, go to Finally, the tribunal can also provide access to judicial records for cases that have been handled by them. To connect with them, send in your case request to PO Box 3249, Tampa, FL 33601-1110.