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If you are keen on an inmate search in Duval County, you may have already figured out that there are two ways to go about the process. One option is to get in touch with the office of the sheriff. Yes, the local police not only deal with the processing of criminals but also run a correctional center to detain these arrestees.

In fact, the population of jails within the area can be quite diverse and dangerous, as it includes hardened criminals who are awaiting trial and have been denied bail and also regular Joes who were convicted of a petty crime but could not make bail or were sentenced to less than a year in prison for their trivial infractions. When you conduct a Duval County jail inmate search, you are essentially looking for information on the people lodged in this facility.

The City of Jacksonville (COJ) offers an online inmate search feature on its website (coj.net) that helps the general public to lookup for inmates currently jailed in the Duval County Jail. The search tool is user-friendly and enables users to locate inmates by name, booking number, or date of birth. The search returns the inmate’s name, date of booking, charges, and mugshot. The website gives information on the inmate’s location within the jail and bail amount. The inmate search feature on coj.net is a valuable resource for friends, relatives, plus the general public who want to find out more about those jailed in the Duval County jail.

The sheriff’s department is currently offering an online provision for inmate lookups for Duval County. This can be found at http://www.coj.net/departments/sheriffs-office.aspx. On this page, check out the menu on your left side, and find the option that reads “inmate information”. The page that you will be redirected to after clicking on the link will have the inmate finder tool.

Another way to gather information on prisoners lodged in the local jail is to simply visit the facility and check out their inmate rotator list. The detention center is located at 4727 Lannie Rd. (Main), Jacksonville, Fl 32218.

The Department of Corrections of Florida is the second option when it comes to inmate searches. They offer an online solution for such inquiries. You can use their facility for Duval County prison inmate search at https://www.browardinmatesearch.org/.The inmate locator tool on the website is configured to work with a range of input criteria including the name of the subject and physical attributes such as race, height, weight, etc.

Duval County, Florida, is home to several jails and prisons:

  • Duval County Jail – The main jail facility is located in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Pre-Trial Detention Facility – A facility that holds inmates who are awaiting trial.
  • Community Transition Centre – A facility that provides re-entry programs for inmates preparing for release.
  • Florida State Prison – A state prison located in Jacksonville that houses both male and female inmates.
  • Jacksonville Re-entry Centre – A state prison that provides re-entry programs and vocational training for inmates who are preparing for release.
  • Duval County Work Camp – A minimum security facility that houses inmates who are serving sentences and working on community projects.
  • Duval County Community Release Centre – A facility that provides re-entry programs and supervision for inmates who are on parole or probation.