For Consumers in the State of California

Residents of California, who purchase any service/product, are protected by the rights pertaining to the privacy and use of their personal information as laid down and enforced specifically by the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) of 2018 as well as all other state laws that pertain to the privacy of consumer personal information.

This section provides an explanation and description of the consumer rights as laid down by the CCPA and offers information to consumers on how to exercise their legal rights in the matter.

Information that qualifies as public records does not fall within the ambit of the CCPA nor of the explanation and description of the law/laws provided in this section.


Disclosure of data collected, data collection methods and data portability

Under the aegis of the CCPA and other California Consumer Privacy Laws, all clients of, who are residents of the State of California are entitled to ask for details pertaining to the personal information collected by the site in the preceding 1 year and the use of such data over that period. 

Once we (the owners, managers, designated representatives of receive such a request for disclosure from our consumers, we proceed to verify that the request has indeed been received from said consumer. This is done to prevent fraudulent access to the data.

After the verification has been completed, provides access to the extent of information as permitted and required by applicable laws. This, typically, includes:

  • The categories and types of your personal data collected.


  • The sources used to collect this personal data.


  • The commercial purposes for collecting your personal data.


  • The categories and types of entities (third party establishments) that this data is shared with.


  • If the personal data was used/exchanged for commercial purposes, the various categories of personal information shared/exchanged with the specific category of third parties/recipients.


In keeping with California Laws, you have the legal right to request that all the personal data collected about you and from you be made available to you in a readily accessible, usable and portable format, as is feasible to the extent of our technical capabilities. respects your right to privacy!

We do not use your personal information as a commodity/product to be sold/traded for direct monetary profit. In keeping with our commitment to client privacy and the safety of personal data, and in adherence with the privacy laws of California, you have the right to ask us to delete your personal data that we have.

The information to be deleted can be personal data or information about you, collected from you or related to you. Barring certain exceptions, as long as the information you ask to be deleted is retained by us, we will delete the same.

In order to be able to accept your request for data deletion, once your request is received, ascertains the authenticity of the request. Once we confirm that the request did originate from a verifiable consumer of the site/business, will delete the information it retains.

Furthermore, will also ask for the deletion of your personal data retained by our service providers and partners. However, there are a few exceptional cases in which we may not be able to accept and comply with the request for data deletion.

The only time denies your request for data deletion is if said data is required by us or our partners/service providers to:

  • Complete a transaction as agreed and requested by you, for which the personal information was collected.


  • Provide products or services for which such information is needed.


  • Perform tasks as expected of us as per the nature of our current commercial association with you.


  • Detect, prevent and stop security issues and incidents and fraudulent, deceptive or illegal practices and activities.


  • Prosecute those responsible for sanctioning and those involved in such illegal, criminal, malicious and fraudulent acts.


  • Repair, improve and otherwise debug our website, its technologies, our services, service/product functionality.


  • Repair or remove issues that impair the functionality of our products and services.


  • Uphold your rights and the legal rights of our other consumers and site visitors to exercise free speech.


  • Be in compliance with the California Electronic Communications Privacy Act and other applicable laws and regulations of the state.


  • Participate in studies/surveys/analysis/research, be they scientific, statistical or historical, that are/is conducted in public interest and in adherence with state privacy laws and ethical standards and requirements.


  • Avoid turning the lack of data into a hindrance in conducting/completing such research/analysis, only if you consented to your personal information being used for such purposes earlier/in the past.


  • Meet consumer expectations through the exclusively internal use of the data, when such expectations are rooted in our commercial association with you.


  • Comply with legal orders, requirements and obligations.


  • Use said personal data for internal and legally sanctioned purposes, within the context that the data was collected and provided in.



How to exercise your rights to data access, data portability and data deletion?

In order to access your personal data retained by, ask for information about the data collected. To request the deletion of such personal data, you will have to submit a consumer request that can be verified by This can be done in two ways:

  1. Go to and follow the procedure explained there.


  1. Get in touch with us through the contact form of at


Only you, the consumer/client/service user of, or a person registered as your representative with the California Secretary of State and is authorized to make such a request on your behalf, can ask to access said information.

If the data retained by us pertains to/is about/connected to a minor, the parent of said minor can make a consumer request to access such information. Moreover, only two requests for data access are allowed over a period of 12 months (not necessarily a calendar year). The consumer request filed by you should have:

  • Sufficient, appropriate and accurate information about you (meaning the consumer of hence the subject of the data) that allows us ( to verify and ascertain that the request is indeed filed by the person whose personal information is being requested.
  • A proper and clear description of your request that allows to understand and evaluate it and to offer an appropriate and valid response to it.

We ( do not accept nor provide access to personal data requested unless we can verify the identity of the person making the request and confirm that the requester is a consumer of, hence the subject of the personal data collected. also follows the same due diligence when it comes to verifying the identity of a person who is authorized to access such data on behalf of the subject/consumer.

You do not have to register with us in order to file a verifiable consumer request. The personal information you provide in the verifiable consumer request is exclusively used to confirm that the data collected is related to you.

The information used for the verification process is that which is mentioned/used in the consumer verifiable request filed with The information about the collected data that is provided in response to a verifiable consumer request only includes the details collected over a preceding period of 12 months from the data on which the request is filed with

The response to all consumer verifiable requests, including those that are denied, is provided within 45 days of thee request being filed. In the event that we anticipate a delay, you will be notified of the additional time needed as well as the reason for the delay within the 45 day period.

The response to consumer verifiable requests can be sent electronically or through mail, as per consumer requirements and choice.

The data (where legally appropriate and applicable) is typically offered free of charge. However, reserves the right to charge a fee for the service to cover its costs. In adherence with local laws, the fee is reasonable and only charged if the consumer requests are found to be repeated, excessive and/or unfounded. does not penalize or otherwise discriminate against its consumers, who choose to exercise the rights enjoyed by them under the CCPA. As such, unless California laws permit these actions, we do not:

  • Deny/discontinue our services/products to those who file a verifiable consumer request.


  • Use discriminatory pricing tactics against such consumers.


  • Provide monetary benefits/discounts in a bid to dissuade our clients from filing such requests.


  • Offer substandard products/services as a punitive/discriminatory measure against requesters.


  • Prevent access to certain services or products/levels of product/services to such consumers.


  • Suggest in any way or manner that exercising your CCPA rights has led or will lead to differences in product/service quality and pricing.



Privacy terms For consumers in the EU

If you are using/visiting this site ( while residing in the European Union or as a citizen of an EU Country, the aforementioned rules and information will apply to the collection, retention, use and processing of your personal information.

Data controller and data subject

In conformance with EU Laws and regulations on consumer privacy protection, acts as the data controller for this and other sites it owns/operates.

As such, we have the legal right to collect, process and use the personal data collected through and other sites for legally allowed commercial purposes.

You, the consumer and the subject of such data collected, have rights pertaining to your personal information that is collected and retained by

Requesting access to your personal data

As in the US, the laws of the European Union also give data subjects the right to seek an explanation about the data collected by, the means used to collect it and the subsequent use of such data.

You, the subject of such data, have the legal right to ask for a copy of your personal information retained by, if you consented to the collection of such data and/or it was collected, retained and/or used by to provide the products and services that you purchased or requested.

Changes, modification and correction of data

If you believe the personal data about you held by to be inaccurate/incomplete in any sense, form or manner, you can file a request to correct, change or otherwise rectify/modify such data. Information about filing such request has been given below.

Deletion of personal data

As the subject of the data, you can ask for your personal information to be deleted at any time without offering an explanation for the request. Upon receiving such a deletion request, will first verify its authenticity and your credentials as a verifiable consumer of

Then, we will proceed to delete most/all of the information that relates to you and is held by us. That stated, may have to and will retain some of this personal information even after receiving a deletion request. However, this is only done if the data is needed for legitimate commercial practices as sanctioned by the law. More information on this is given in the section above titled, “ respects your right to privacy!”

Filing complaints or objections

Under EU laws, citizens and residents of member countries have the right to object to the data collection practices followed by You can also object to the very fact that personal information is collected from consumers.

Moreover, you can file an objection against the use of this data for varying commercial purposes, including its use for business analytics, decision making, marketing, sales profiling, etc. follows all EU requirements, laws and standard and ethical procedures for the collection and use of your personal data.

Hence, unless and where the law expressly prohibits the collection and use of such data, may and can continue to process such personal information despite consumer objection to such data collection.

EU laws provide data subjects the right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority about such data collection, retention and usage related practices. You will find a list of such data protection agencies that have jurisdiction in various areas/countries of the EU at

In our capacity as the data collectors and processors, we encourage you to submit any questions, clarifications required, comments and objections/complaints to us by using the contact form of at

Legally sanctioned grounds for personal data collection and processing

In the EU and for EU consumers, the collection and processing of data for commercial purposes by business entities is done on the legal grounds specified in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As such, also collects personal data only when it has the legal basis to do so in conformance with the GDPR. These legal grounds can include, one, more than one or all of the following:

  1. The collection and the eventual processing of personal information is required to maintain the legitimate commercial interests of The collection, retention and processing of such personal data is done to:

  • Better understand consumer requirements and their use of the services and products offered by and its partners/affiliates.


  • Conduct background searches where required and ordered and legally allowed for the purpose of checking job eligibility.


  • Provide and improve customer support.


  • Optimize services and products to better meet consumer requirements.


  • Create and promote new products and services.


  • Conduct research and analysis.


  • Frame a direct marketing strategy.


  • Analyze market and sales trends.


  • Align the marketing strategy and messages with the products/services offered and user needs.
  1. The personal information is required to fulfil legal obligations as required in the EU and as per the GDPR.
  2. If is asked/ordered to respond to a legal process issued and enforceable by a governing agency of the EU or its member countries, the collected personal data can and may be used to respond/counter/obey such processes.

Your personal data is strictly collected after you consent to the collection, retention and use of such information. Hence, you have the right and authority to revoke such consent at any time. However, once you revoke your consent, you may no longer be able to use/access some/all of the services and products offered by, which require the collection and use of such data.

Your data rights in the EU

  • If you want access to your personal data that was/is collected/retained by or want to use any other data rights given to you by applicable laws, you can get in touch with us by using the contact form at



  • org will only accept and respond to first party consumer requests for data access, portability and deletion. The only time third party request are entertained is if the requestor is an authorized representative of the data subject or the parent of a minor data subject.


  • All such requests are judiciously verified to ascertain that they were filed by the data-subject or by his/her representatives and that the requestor/data subject is indeed a client/customer of


  • We only respond to data rights requests once the identity and legal rights (in case of third party requests) are verified. If the verification process cannot be completed due to the lack of information submitted while filing the request, due to the insufficiency of such information or inaccuracy of the same, will not provide personal data in response to such requests.



  • We do not expect or ask consumers to create an account with us or to register for any service in order to exercise their personal privacy and data rights.


  • All data rights requests are handled within 30 days from the receipt of such requests. The requestor is notified about any delays and an explanation is offered for the same.


  • We provide responses to data rights requests either through mail or by email.